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Magic Chef Laundry Dryer

Magic Chef Laundry Dryer
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Everyone is a hurry these days. When it comes to getting your…
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Everyone is a hurry these days. When it comes to getting your laundry dry after its washed, it is no different. But with, what is the best dryer out there? There is a million to consider. Okay I might have over exaggerated a tad, but you get the point. Also, does the dryer beat up the clothes more to get the job done?  Will the manufacture stand by the product and is there a warranty of some type? Did I almost forget does it blend in with what my style is or does it stand out because that is how I want it to look? I know call me a bit vain because I like to be at times. How does it rank for the Best Laundry Dryer 2018?


1) Easy to Install

Wall mounted or could be placed on a shelf. This unit is not a full-size dryer so if you wanted it as a second dryer do you don’t have to lug the laundry to the basement of the laundry room, it would be perfect. Great for those in an apartment and or in the trailer and or RV while on vacation.

2) Capacity

The dryer can hold up to 2.6 cu. Ft. Most likely it is not going to accept a full regular load of clothes at once. But with, why not use it to do the towels and or sheets and get those quicker. Great for taking all the dirty play clothes and readying them for the next after school outings.

3) Electric or Gas

Electric 110 Volt Well it is not able to be converted to anything bigger, but this will not cause your electric bill to go up drastically either.  Sometimes little things are just the right thing.

4) Settings

Hot and Cool Choices It is not too fancy in the choices, but you did not buy it to have all that, you wanted it to dry your clothes or at least air dry if it calls for no heat. This dryer fills that need.

5) Time to Dry

0 to 120 Minutes Choices

A little more preference when it comes to the duration of how long you want to run your clothes. This is nice because not everything needs to be run for a full cycle. It beats having to open and restart it every time like was done in the past.

6) Color Choices

White is the only one. Not much choice, white is where it is at when it comes to style preference.

7) Manufacturer

The Company that owns Magic Chef is CNA International and they are based out of Illinois.

8) Weight

48.4 lbs. This is great because it just about can be placed anywhere with a small bit of effort.

9) Warranty

It has a 1 year Manufacturers Limited Warranty.

Buyers Guide

Dryer is going to be your second or primary one?  This will also determine what size you want it to be. If it was your second, you might want to go with something like this and if it was you primary, you might want to consider something bigger to get more done in lesser time. The Best Laundry Dryer 2018 have many other choices for your needs.

Are you worried about how it will look? Well some only want it to be functional and not a fashion statement. But with there are many to choose from out there. You want plastic, stainless steel
no paint, metal and others. The Best Laundry Dryer of 2018 have many choices of materials that will suit your liking.

Gas or electric? This could be your choice in a new build or a place your moving to or bought has one or the other. Maybe you are going to change over from one to the other.

Does portability mean something to you?  If you would like this in an RV, trailer or camper, it might make sense. If you do not plan on moving it any more than getting it deliver to you, it would not be a factor in your choice. The Best Laundry Dryer 2018 have many different sizes to accommodate your individual solution.

How long is it warrantied or does it even have a warranty? Might you want to have it for a long time or is this something that might just get a few years? Replacement and repair hassles could play in effect if you want it a long time. Make sure it has the warranty to fit your lifestyle.

How is it going to be used? Are you just going to put the dirty clothes from the yard and the house, might not want to go hog wild in the features? If you are going to use it for all the clothes that you and your family have, you might want to be assured you can do that on the machine you are looking at.

Brands there are so many. Will you go with a long-trusted name that you used in the past, or going to try something different? Will a newer brand have a better way to do than your older brands?

With all the Best Laundry 2018 could and always is up to you. Make sure you have something that fits the budget, does the job, has the options, fits your purpose, is something you can count on. Do you own research and look at what is out there, ask your friends and or colleagues where you work what would they look at when it comes to laundry dyers? The one I mentioned in this article might be the one for you and I could have save you all the trouble. But don’t thank me for that, thank yourself for taking the time to checking it out. I wish you many happy days of dry clothes and
more time to do the things you want too.

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