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Skull Flying Ghost RC Drone

Skull Flying Ghost RC Drone
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A wonderful and exciting Halloween gift. Don’t need to rack your…
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A wonderful and exciting Halloween gift. Don’t need to rack your brains anymore. The flying ghost drone does all that you can’t do, such as drifting and spinning in the sky, emitting scary lights.

Horrific Flying Ghost
Noting is more terrifying than the bloodthirsty thing. It seems that its head and hood are covered with blood.

Aerobatic Flight
It can carry out 360-degree rotations while flying towards different directions at different speeds. The targeted person is certain to feel overwhelmed by its power of darkness.

Mysterious Lighting
The skull emits a frightening green light, which makes the bones more prominent. The red light next to it suggests the wickedness and dreadfulness.

Headless Mode
Completely solves pilot loss-of-orientation problems.

One Key Return
Ensures the drone can come back when you lose view.

Speed Switch
Fast speed and slow speed switching; different flight speed brings you the different experience.

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