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Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Multi Cooker

Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Multi Cooker
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Pressure cookers are truly the god-send of a kitchen…
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Pressure cookers are truly the god-send of a kitchen. It does not matter whether you know how to cook or not. If you know how to operate a pressure cooker, then half your job is already done. There are so many wonderful dishes that can be cooked using a pressure cooker that it is not necessary to learn anything extra at all. Not to mention that they are so easy to handle. While pressure cookers of the previous generation were quite simple and could be used in only one way, thanks to advancement in technology, there are now very modern programmable pressure cookers available in the market. There are many different features of these pressure cookers that can be used for different styles of cooking.

Review of MIDEA Stainless Steel 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

The MIDEA programmable pressure cooker is a multifunctional kitchen must-have that has a ton of great features to making cooking more fun and easy. To begin with it is made of stainless steel which basically increases its longevity by a great extent. This cooker can be maintained and used in top condition for a very long time thanks to its high-quality build and sturdy design. Coming to the specific features of this product, they have been listed below:

· It is completely programmable. All the timer settings of this pressure cooker can be manipulated to suit the needs of an individual. There are, of course, several, preset settings well which can be handy for those who are not really experts at cooking. This allows the user to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen and leave everything to this programmable pressure cooker.

· It has all the safety standards in place and then some. A kitchen is always prone to hazards no matter how careful one is. It is especially important to use only that equipment which has passed all the safety standards in order to avoid any untoward incident. This MIDEA programmable small pressure cooker is UL and ULC certified with around 10 proved safety mechanisms.

· There are almost 14 menu choices preset in this cooker. All one has to do to activate a particular cooking style is to choose the setting and place all the ingredients in the cooker. Whether it is rice or baby food of porridge or even yogurt, this programmable pressure cooker can make anything without the requirement of any intervention.

· The intelligent design allows the user to customize the settings of this programmable small pressure cooker according to their own needs and preferences. Once all the settings are in place, one will not have to spend as much time in the kitchen at all because cooking has now been made easy by the MIDEA pressure cooker.

· The physical design is also very suitable for every day usage. This means that the insulated areas of the cooker make sure that your hands are not burnt while cooking.

· There are several props that come with this pressure cooker that can be used while cooking. These additional products assist in the process of cooking. Included are an inner pot, a multipurpose spoon, a measuring cup, a user manual, a recipe book and a steamer rack as well.


· Extremely efficient in functioning. Saves a lot of time.

· Completely programmable to suit one’s specific needs.

· Many handy features to make cooking easy.

· Easy to handle and get used to.

· Very stylish and modern design.


· It can fall into the expensive range.

· All the different settings can feel a little complicated for some.

How to Choose the Best Small Pressure Cooker?

There is only way to pick the perfect product from the market. And that is a lot of research. In the earlier days, this research of various brands and models of pressure cookers could be done only by actually going to the market. But with online shopping now, one can do the same research from the comfort of their own home. So go through all the products from the major brands and make sure to look for the exact settings and features that you would need for your cooking. Just go for a reputed brand that has been in the business for long enough.


Choosing the right pressure cooker can make a world of difference when it comes to cooking. The art of cooking well has a lot to do with the kind of equipment that one has. Different styles of cooking demand for different kinds of utensils and other cooking devices such as cookers. A small pressure cooker is very important as it can come very handy to cook staples as well as those special dishes. With new and innovative pressure cookers flooding the markets these days, it becomes the responsibility of the user to pick the right one that would cater to their specific needs and requirements. Good research in the area can help a lot in doing so.

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